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Works Consulted for Clothing in the Court of Dracula

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  • Alexandreina Dragos
    Charted Peasant Designs from Saxon Transylvania by Heinz Edgar Kiewe Folk And Festival Costume of the World by R. Turner Wilcox Dracula Prince of Many Faces by
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2003
      Charted Peasant Designs from Saxon Transylvania by Heinz Edgar Kiewe

      Folk And Festival Costume of the World by R. Turner Wilcox

      Dracula Prince of Many Faces by Radu R. Florescu and Raymond T.

      Transylvania History and Reality by Milton G. Lehrer

      The Handbook of German Dress by Fr. Hottenroth

      Numerous other books on European costume. My personal library
      1. Japanese Costume and the Makers of Its Elegant Tradition
      by Helen Benton Minnich

      2. Fashion, from ancient Egypt to the present day
      by Mila Contini

      3. Oriental costume
      by Jacqueline Ayer

      4. Historic Costume: A REsumE of Style and Fashion from Remote Times
      to the Nineteen-Sixties
      by Katherine Morris Lester

      5. History of Fashions
      by Rosana. Pistolese

      6. Book of Costume
      by Millia Davenport Vol 1 & 2

      7. The Mode in Costume
      by R. Turner Wilcox

      8. Short History of Costume and Armour 1066-1485 vol.1
      by Francis M. Kelly, Randolph Schwabe

      9. Dressing the Part: A History of Costume for the Theatre.
      by Fairfax Walkup

      10. A history of shoe fashions: a study of shoe design in relation to
      costume for shoe designers, pattern cutters, manufacturers, fashion
      students and dress designers, etc
      by Eunice Wilson

      11. Costume Throughout the Ages.
      by Mary, Evans

      12. Historic Costume: A Chronicle of Fashion in Western Europe 1490-
      by Francis M. Kelly, Randolph Schwabe

      13. Costumes and Styles.
      by Henny Harald. Hansen

      14. A history of make-up
      by Maggie Angeloglou

      15. Figleafing Through History
      by C. Harris

      16. Folk and Festival Costumes of the World
      by R. Turner Wilcox

      17. The Concise History of Costume and Fashion, James Laver

      18. Costume Through the Ages, James Laver

      19. Costume, James Laver

      20. Costume of the Western World - Fashions of the Renaissance in
      England, France, Spain and Holland, James Laver

      21. A Short History of the Scottish Dress, R.M.D. Grange

      22. The Mode in Hats and Headdress, R. Turner Wilcox

      23. Body and Clothes: An Illustrated History of Costume, R.Broby-

      24. Underwear: A History, Elizabeth Ewing

      Online Sources:

      The Eliznik Romania pages

      Painting and Sculpture in Medieval Hungary

      A carving of St Anthony dated 1450-60

      Fragments of Statues from Buda Castle (age of Sigismund)

      Transylvanian Treasures

      German Portraits 15th cen

      Web Gallery of Art

      Lastly, I have persused the files section of the SIG list

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