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Fw: Brutal Attack on Sorbian youth

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  • Alastair Millar
    No idea if anyone else got this or not... Passing it on purely because of the passing mention to current Sorbian May Day celebrations - the witch burnings
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2003
      No idea if anyone else got this or not...
      Passing it on purely because of the passing mention to current Sorbian May
      Day celebrations - the "witch burnings" still happen here in Bohemia, too,
      on April 30th.


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      Od: Robert Brytan <rbsorb@...>
      Komu: alastair@... <alastair@...>
      Datum: 02 May 2003 11:08
      Předmět: Brutal Attack on Sorbian youth

      Brutal Attack on Sorbian youth.

      29.04.2003 Budyšin/Bautzen

      Radibor (Radwor), District Bautzen - Germany. Last Saturday night there was
      a brutal attack by neo-Nazis on Sorbian youth who were
      guarding a pile of wood for the annual "witch burning" festivity. Shortly
      after midnight, around thirty attackers showed up in six cars provoking an
      immediate fight, taking the young people's chairs and benches and throwing
      them into the fire. During the violent encounter four young Sorbs from
      Radibor, ages 18 to 21 were injured. The eighteen year old was so severely
      beaten that the teenager had to be taken to hospital.

      In an interview given to Sorbian Youth Radio "Satkula", one of the injured
      Sorbian youths described the attack, stating that the group who was
      the pile of wood had no chance to defend themselves. He himself was
      immediately hit in the face and was knocked unconscious. When he came to a
      short time later and tried to get up he was brutally beaten again. "The
      whole thing took only ten minutes so we didn't even have a chance to call
      for help!", the young man said.

      German Criminal Police arrived at the scene after the attackers had left,
      taking statements from the victims. Due to the quick thinking of one of the
      youths, who managed to remember some of the cars' licence plates, the
      were able to apprehend four of the attackers the very same night.

      The spokesperson for the Police Department in Bautzen, Peter Bergmann
      yesterday afternoon that he did not wish to speculate on the motive of the
      attack, saying "we need more time to conduct our investigation. We cannot
      prove that the attack was hate-motivated, as only one of the apprehended
      admitted that this was his motivation".

      From the "Satkula" radio interview it's apparent that the attackers were
      well known to the victims. There exists a loosely organized group
      affectionately calling themselves "The Last Children of A. Hitler", with
      "members coming from the surrounding villages of Klein Welka, Goda, the
      of Bautzen as well as Zittau.

      Radibor's village mayor Wincent Baberska cannot comprehend the senseless
      attack, saying "now, this has nothing to do anymore with just a rivalry
      between villages. This is too much!"

      In a few days the normally joyous celebration and festivities of May Day,
      and the falling of the Maypole will take place in numerous Sorbian
      What will happen then?.

      Robert Brytan
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