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FW: [MR] the sandbox

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  • Jeanne Papanastasiou
    OT but FYI Soffya http://www.aeonline.biz/Links.htm ... From: atlantia-admin@atlantia.sca.org [mailto:atlantia-admin@atlantia.sca.org]On Behalf Of logan Sent:
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      OT but FYI


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      Subject: [MR] the sandbox

      just an fyi for those in the military and those you know in the military
      that are going or are in the big sandbox. a group has been created to
      aid in info and camaraderie. please pass this on to whomever you know
      that might benefit.

      princeps atlantia


      This site is dedicated to the SCA members who are also serving the US
      military during the recent Middle East conflict. It is hoped that
      through this site, Scadians can hook up with each other and share that
      bond only another SCA member can provide in these remote locations. It
      is requested that no one include information that will jeopardize the
      security of our armed forces or create identity theft on an individual.
      Please keep contact information brief if you are an individual logging
      into site, ex Pvt Smith, USMC, Camp Alphabet aka Scadian name, Kingdom.
      Those logging into the site from various kingdoms can contact their
      members in those areas via email and snail mail to have them go thru
      normal camp procedures to locate that individual, thus ensuring privacy
      for all. It is also hoped that this site will provide support. Please
      everyone out there, know we truly appreciate what our SCA members are
      doing for us and that we are very proud of each of them. We want you
      home quickly and back on the list fields in one piece. Be safe...

      The Merry Rose Tavern at Cheapside
      List Info: http://merryrose.atlantia.sca.org/
      Submissions: Atlantia@...
      Subscriptions: http://seahorse.atlantia.sca.org/mailman/listinfo/atlantia
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