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Castle Malesov

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  • Megan / Darja z Prahy
    Doesn t this sound great? Just thought I d pass this along... Darja ^_^ ~ oo oo ... _________________________________________________________________ MSN 8
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2003
      Doesn't this sound great?

      Just thought I'd pass this along...


      ^_^ ~
      oo oo

      >I recently visited the Historic Enterprises website and discovered
      >that they know someone who recently purchased a 14th century castle
      >in Prague. This person is planning on using the castle for
      >an "immersion" vacation experience. For 1 week, people will get to
      >live like they did in the 15th century. They need feedback on
      >whether or not people would be interested in such an experience. You
      >can visit the website at http://www.historicenterprises.com/malesov
      >and e-mail them your opinions by clicking on the link on the 1st page.
      >Personally, I think it's a little pricey, and maybe like Pennsic
      >minus the merchants and fighting? (never been to Pennsic) but still
      >sounds like fun. So that's what I told them. I also told them I'd
      >post the info on my various lists, so please excuse me if you've
      >already read this three or four times.

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