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  • pan_landolf <pan_landolf@hotmail.com>
    Someone on the Chivalry list described himself as an itinerenat code worker (consultant programmer). Landolf ... the past or ... a variety ... a ... nomadic
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 6, 2003
      Someone on the Chivalry list described himself as an "itinerenat code
      worker" (consultant programmer).


      --- In sig@yahoogroups.com, "Marilyn" <marilyn@W...> wrote:
      > Just as a general reply to weather nomadic groups are a thing of
      the past or
      > will become so.. Sociologically speaking i don't think so. We have
      a variety
      > of them now. My step son used to hang cable for a living ..there is
      > totally nomadic lifestyle. Traveling magazine crews are also
      nomadic as is
      > most of the military. There are many nomadic groups functioning
      well in our
      > society today. Really I think there will always be a place for the
      > 1. Some people just like to move around. @ They still serve a
      function in
      > society of carrying news from one area to another ( with a personal
      > as well as goods of various varieties. Even in our information age
      > some things are not spoken of and travel only by word of mouth.
      Did you
      > know many of our Senoirs have become nomads for financial reasons.
      > travel from place to place in their RV's and avoid high rents and
      > while following the good weather. They even have stronghold of a
      > sort. A city not on any map in the californian desert built on an
      > military site. It is called Slab City and has been continuously
      > for at least 40 yrs that i know of by an ever changing
      > seniors..but many just societal drop outs for one reason or another
      > including some who are on the run. As long as they do not break the
      > rules they are tolerated in the city. I find it rather interesting
      that in
      > the midst of our modern age in a technology oriented country we
      > support such a place. In my heart i feel there have always been
      such places
      > because they fill a need... and always will.
      > As an aside i have been totally out of touch lately and i am sorry
      but i am fighting a rather nasty illness. However i still read
      everything and will speak up when i feel moved to do so..
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