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Re: [sig] Re: Name Construction Help

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  • Kitty O'Neal
    *grin* It s intended to mean Ekaterina, daughter of Ian Stepanov . Don t worry about your Yana being challenged... I ll always be Kitty. *sigh* Kat ryna
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 9, 2002
      *grin* It's intended to mean 'Ekaterina, daughter of Ian Stepanov'. Don't
      worry about your 'Yana' being challenged... I'll always be Kitty.


      Kat'ryna Stepanova
      (Ah... Simple, and demonstrably from the same period... I hope.)

      > I'm not the best person to comment on the construction of the name,
      > but that "Iana" part has *got* to go!
      > --Yana <grumble, grumble, I'm the only Yana, grumble, grumble>
      > PS. Good luck trying to pass "Iana" all by itself. I've been trying
      > to find a way to pass variants for about 12 years... You could be
      > daughter of Ian, though (Ianeva/Ianevna or Ianova/Ianovna, not sure
      > which, my spelling rules have jumped out the window).
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