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Winter Slovo

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  • Yana
    Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2002 07:44:44 -0600 To: goldschp@mailbag.com From: Paul W. Goldschmidt Subject: [SIG] Call for Articles ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2002
      Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2002 07:44:44 -0600
      To: goldschp@...
      From: "Paul W. Goldschmidt" <goldschp@...>
      Subject: [SIG] Call for Articles

      Greetings Slavic Interest Group!

      It is time for the Winter issue of Slovo. As always, we're
      looking for contributions: short articles, how-to pieces, artwork,
      interesting anecdotes of the Slavic world (historical or reenacted).
      As always, I'm pleased to answer any editorial questions that you
      might have.

      The deadline for the Winter issue is January 1st. The date is flexible
      so give me a heads up if you're working on something but can't
      quite make the deadline.


      Paul Wickenden of Thanet (for SIG)
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