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FW: [MR] Fwd: Viking and Medieval combs CD-R

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      Subject: [MR] Fwd: Viking and Medieval combs CD-R

      --- Dan Carlsson <dan@...> wrote:
      > Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 21:33:33 +0200
      > Subject: Viking and Medieval combs CD-R
      > From: Dan Carlsson <dan@...>
      > To: Vikingbeads <dan@...>
      > Dear friend,
      > Just want to tell you that our next volume in the
      > series of Viking artifacts
      > now is ready and available to purchase. Please have
      > a look at:
      > www.arkeodok.com. I would of course very much
      > appreciate if you could put
      > this information forward on email list and to people
      > interested in Vikings.
      > I would at the same time like to tell you about a
      > university course that we
      > will start next spring about the Viking Society. It
      > will be run by our
      > university at Gotland and through Internet. To be
      > able to join the course,
      > one should have what we call basic requirement,
      > meaning that one is able to
      > go to university. One might also be able to join the
      > course, if one has a
      > working experience in a field adjacent to the
      > subject. The course will be
      > run between the beginning of February to the end of
      > May, halftime. The
      > course is a fully university course, meaning that
      > there will be points to be
      > used in your university studies.
      > Following this course, we are also offering a summer
      > course about Viking
      > Landscape, in that way that we will have a
      > excavation course on the island
      > of Gotland, Sweden. We have since 6 years been
      > having these international
      > excavation courses and the excavation will take
      > place at the very important
      > Viking Age harbour on Gotland, Sweden called Frojel.
      > You are most welcome to join us, both in the
      > Internet course about Viking
      > Society, and the excavation course. We will have
      > more information at our
      > home page at: http://viking.hgo.se There is at the
      > moment a bit more
      > information about the courses at the home page, so
      > please have a look if you
      > are interested. I would also very much appreciate if
      > you forward this
      > message to anybody that you know would be interested
      > in Viking courses.
      > Best regards
      > Dan Carlsson
      > --------------
      > Associate Professor Dan Carlsson
      > ArkeoDok
      > Blåeldsvägen 3
      > 621 50 Visby, Sweden
      > Tel. +46-498-218560
      > Fax. +46-498-218560
      > Email: dan@...
      > www.arkeodok.com


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