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1655 at Czestohowa, and 2003 at Doylestown PA

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  • orlirva
    Its 1655 and the Swedish Deluge is at its high water mark. Warsaw and Cracow have fallen, the Muscovites occupy half of Lithuania, the king and the remnants
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2002
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      Its 1655 and the Swedish 'Deluge' is at its high water mark. Warsaw
      and Cracow have fallen, the Muscovites occupy half of Lithuania, the
      king and the remnants of his army are in exile, and resistance is
      feeble. The Swedes, once welcome by many Poles, have proven to be
      oppressive military invaders, and after fighting Catholics for 30
      years, they are happy to loot churches and rape the women. (On the
      other hand, the Swedes, and their Germans (and mercs from all over
      Europe) are having a grand old time!) Only the sacred monastery of
      Jasna Gora, at Czestohowa, is resisting. A powerful Swedish army
      lays siege. Then, as the weeks pass, a miracle. Not only is the
      monastery holding, but the example of resistance unites the
      Commonwealth, and within a year the invaders are driven back. See
      the movie or novel Potop (Deluge) for details

      Just talked to the folks at the Shrine of Czestohowa again, and it
      looks like a go. Although we have not talked about many details, I
      believe at this time that the people there will do their best to
      support us. This will include getting many of their people into
      costume, to have 17thC. related cultural things happening, and
      covering many expenses. From what I hear, the annual festival is
      pretty classy, and is not a shopping mall, and has a large crowd even
      without a special event like ours. I will know better next week, when
      we will also discuss details. They seem to think that they have a
      suitable site, and are talking horses, cannons, etc.

      This all might still fall through but I call on everybody on this
      list with the interest to put the weekend of labor day 2003 on their
      schedule. (although for the moment the following weekend is still a
      possibility). We will do our best to get well over a hundred
      reenactors out for this, and might do better than that. If this
      works out, perhaps we can do it again and better for the 350th
      anniversary, in 2005.

      I will look of course to the Army of Gustivus Adolphus and to the
      various Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth groups, but also to any 17th
      C. group (and with some adjustments, even 16ht C. groups). Certainly
      the 30YW groups can almost play themselves, as various nationalities
      were employed by both sides. Many of the defenders and attackers
      were Germans. Both the Poles and Swedes employed Scotts at various
      times, and there was a large Polish-Scottish population. Our friends
      in the ECW can either serve as regulars or allies of the Swedes or as
      western style infantry with the Commonwealth.

      Ample opportunity for civilain impressions, as well.
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