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Gold cord for Pearl embroidery

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  • Su Ralston
    ... you ... cheap ... with -- ... afraid. ... what ... thick ... I ve also used the gold cord from WalMart... it has a wonderful flexibility to it and seems to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 1946
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      > From: LiudmilaV@...
      > > When you speak of the gold cord, what diameter did you use? Is this the
      > > same thing I could purchase at a fabric store? What type of thread did
      > > use to secure it -- metallic?
      > >
      > This isn't ignorance, this is inquisitiveness! Actually, I use a very
      > twisted gold cord I buy at Wal-Mart. Fabric stores have the same cord as
      > well, but for a lot more than $0.24. This cord is very easy o work
      with --
      > until you have to secure the ends, then it gets tricky. The way it is made
      > approximates period technique, but the shine is quite synthetic, I am
      > I can't afford a better made cord in that diameter...and I am not sure
      > diameter this is, I'll look it up later. But basically, you need cord
      > enough to hide your foundation when doing pearl work.

      I've also used the gold cord from WalMart... it has a wonderful flexibility
      to it and seems to grab the cotton base cording as it is stitched down.

      If you want something for details, there is also a thinner gold cord
      available from JoAnns (slightly less than 1/16 of an inch) - Wrights
      Metallics SKU #4296943, UPC (Universal Product Code - the number below the
      bar-code!) #70659-31580... 4 yards for $.99. I think it is being sold in the
      ribbon area and have used two spools for some gold thread work for a
      heraldic tabard. It's slightly stiffer than the cord from WalMart, but has
      really good shine and color.

      Su of the Silver Horn, Caid
      Su Ralston, Fullerton, CA
      (And I'm really, really, really, really, really thankful I live close enough
      to Liudmila to see her occasionally and pick-her-brains in person ;-0)
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