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Re: [sig] Fwd: Decorative stitching

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  • Velta Ozols
    ... I can recommend the book Ukrainian Embroidery by Ann Kmit, Johanna Luciow and Loretta Luciow as a good introduction to the topic. I picked it up when I
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 15, 2002
      At 23:22 -0400 2002-14-07, MHoll@... wrote:
      >In a message dated 7/14/2002 9:32:16 PM Central Daylight Time,
      >nadjabear@... writes:
      >> It is called the "plakhta" stitch, and apparently is used to finish the
      > > edges of this piece of garment.
      I can recommend the book "Ukrainian Embroidery" by Ann Kmit, Johanna
      Luciow and Loretta Luciow as a good introduction to the topic. I
      picked it up when I saw it because many of the stitches and some of
      the design elements are also apropriate to the baltics. If you are
      interested in tracking it down it was published by the Van Nostrand
      Reinhold Company (New York, Cincinnati, Toronto, London, Melbourne)
      in 1978, ISBN 0-442-24465-7. While the book mostly discusses folk
      blouses and non clothing items rather than skirts, it has many
      pattern drafts, black and white photos and an 16 page colour photo
      section. It contains a general directions section which covers a
      number of basic stitches, some cutwork and a number of pulled thread
      hemstitches as well as fabrics, threads and finishing directions. An
      openwork section follows which teaches no additional stitches but has
      5 pages of black and white photos. A similar flat stitching section
      follows with 11 pages of b+w photos and pattern drafts. weaving
      stitches has two such pages, cross stitch designs has 24 and
      non-counted designs has 7.Each of these sections is preceded by a
      single introductory text page. The Contemporary embroideries section
      has 8 more pages of photos and the final chapter discusses the making
      of an embroidered blouse. The bibliography references five more
      English language books on the subject.
      Bashan, M.P. History of Ukrainian Crafts, vol 4. Kiev, Ukraine: 1970.
      Dmytriw, Olya. Ukrainian Arts. New York: Ukrainian Arts
      League of North America, 1955.
      Kolbenhier, Eric. Ukrainian Bukovinian Cross Stitch
      Embroidery. Windsor, Ontario: Sumner Printing and Publishing Co.:
      Moshinsky, Oksana. Embroideries from Ukraine. Winnipeg: Taras
      Baran Publisher, 1972.
      Ruryk, Nancy R. Ukrainian Embroidery Designs and Stitches.
      Trident Press, 1958.
      I like the fact that the book provides the names for the stitches in
      both Ukrainian and English, however with regards to the specific
      question asked, the only reference to plahkta is in the general
      directions chapter, on page 37, fig 2-58 where the authors provide
      instructions on how to make pompons since "pompons are attached to
      the hem of an overskirt (plakhta) in some women's costumes."
      I hope this more general information might be of some use anyway.

      Laimbota no Bauskas in Livonia

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