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RE: [sig] Czech Knowledge Page

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  • Patricia Hefner
    I actually have a skeleton page up at: http://scholar76.tripod.com/czech/ with a few links and stuff, but it s a mess (there s an under heavy construction
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 4, 2002
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      I actually have a "skeleton" page up at:


      with a few links and stuff, but it's a mess (there's
      an "under heavy construction" warning label on it
      :-)). I wouldn't mind having those old files. I've got
      bits and pieces of stuff.


      --- Kate Rayburn <anezka@...> wrote:
      > As the old maintainer of the Czech Knowledge Site, I
      > still have the
      > files if someone else wants to maintain it. The
      > place I was hosting it
      > lost it several times, so I was looking for a new
      > place to host it and
      > then life exploded. I just don't have enough time
      > to devote to it
      > anymore. I'd love to see a Czech Knowledge page put
      > back up.
      > Anezka
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      > From: Megan / Darja z Praze
      > [mailto:inner_kitten@...]
      > Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 2:29 PM
      > To: sig@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [sig] Czech Knowledge Page
      > I would love to peruse a Czech knowledge site, as I
      > noticed that all the
      > links are broken or old...
      > I don't know a thing about web pages, or I'd put up
      > one with the limited
      > knowledge I have. It would be a good way to get me
      > to do some research.
      > :-)
      > Maybe this summer... after classes end.
      > Anyway, if you put one up, Isabella, I would love to
      > see it.
      > mejte moc hezky
      > (czech for "have a good one" more or less)
      > Darja z Praze

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    • Mykola Ponomarenko
      Please join the -Trypillian Civilization Tour- this summer. To this date we have booked a small group of people, but still have a few places left. Below is a
      Message 2 of 4 , Apr 27, 2002
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        Please join the -Trypillian Civilization Tour- this
        summer. To this date we have booked a small group of
        people, but still have a few places left. Below is a
        description of the tour.

        * * *
        A unique look at Ukrainian history and archeology is
        made possible by an American-Ukrainian organization
        Kolos Corp.; who is organizing a tour to Ukraine,
        focusing on the ancient "Trypilska Kultura", this
        coming June.

        The "Ancient Trypillian Civilization - 7000 years ago"
        Tour, allows one to visit the most important museum
        collections of Trypillian artifacts and relics, as
        well as places of existing excavation of Trypillian
        settlements. People will also be able to visit the
        Scientific Fund of the Institute of Archeology which
        is not mortally open to the public.

        The experienced historian and archeologist Dr.
        Mykhailo Videiko will lead the expedition. Dr. M.
        Videiko has a PhD in history and archeology, and is a
        Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Archeology of the
        National Academy of Science of Ukraine. He is also the
        Vice-president of the Dyvich-Hora International Fund,
        which protects and researches the Trypillian culture.


        Day-1. Arrive Kyiv.

        Day-2. Kyiv History Museum with archeologist Dr

        Day-3. Uman. The largest settlement of theTrypillia
        civilization - Maidanets. Overnight in Museum Hotel,

        Day-4. Sofiyivka Park (18th c.). Kamianets-Podilsky
        via Nemyriv, Vinnitsa, Khmelsnitskyi).

        Day-5. Old city of Kamianets-Podilsky on the Dnister
        River bank (including the ancient fortress of

        Day-6. Excursions to Zhvanets and Khotin fortresses,
        on the way to Chernivtsi.

        Day-7. Chernivtsi, the "Market City".

        Day-8. Return trip to Kyiv.

        Day-9. Andryivsky Uzviz. Visit the Scientific
        Archeological Fund to see the fascinating collections
        of famous Trypilllian vessels and figurines. Visit
        'Kolo-Ra' studio, to see how the ancient ceramics were
        made, and have a go at it yourself.

        Day-10. Celebrate the sacred Ivana Kupalo Eve on the
        Dnipro River bank, in the ancient village of Vitachiv.
        Farewell dinner.

        Day-11. Free time in Kyiv, before bus transfer to

        The 11-day tour will run from Thursday 27th June 2001
        - Sunday 7th July 2002. The cost is US$1100. If you
        would like further information, you can contact Nick
        Ponomarenko in the United States (either directly or
        through your travel agent) on:

        Tel: 1-703-593-8522
        Fax: 1-703-684-8739

        There is s website that has more information on the
        Trypilska cultura in general and the tour:


        Mykola Ponomarenko

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