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Re: [sig] Military Tunics

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  • Alexey Kiyaikin
    Greetings to ED! ... What kind of Slav is meant? If simply all Slavonic nations, they wore no uniform in pre-national-state period. ... The point is if this
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      Greetings to ED!

      > It surprised me through all that talk of tunics that no one mentioned
      > what
      > Slav armies wore. In my millenium of Ukr. Christianity calendar,
      What kind of "Slav" is meant? If simply all Slavonic nations, they
      wore no uniform in pre-national-state period.

      > there are
      > amazing semi-iconographic paintings of the Rus done by Prof.
      > Konash-Konashevsky(not sure about his credentials) & printied in
      The point is if this professor is or was one. They
      could have used a person from the
      early-1900s. There were lots drawings of the kind then, just remember
      prof., if I am not mistaken) Semiradski, with his "classical" "Funeral
      of a Noble Rus". In this case the value of such reference is about zero.
      In modern publications they can't help using totally obsolete sources,
      like Viskovatov's "Istoricheskoye Opisaniie
      Odezhdi Russkoy Armii..." vol.1, (c) 1894 (!). Another unpleasant
      surprise you get when you try to use the drawings from Olenin's 1832
      "Opyt ob Odezhde, Oruzhii, Nravakh, Obychaiakh i Styepeni Prosvescheniia
      Slovian ot Vremeni Trayana i Russkikh do Nashestviia Tatar. ("A Survey
      in Clothes, Weapons, Ways, Habits & Degree of Literacy of Slavs from
      Trayan's time till coming of the Tatars"). A disgustingly obsolete
      edition, though really the first one ever been. One of the reasons to
      creatre it was the royal trend to put everything old Russian into
      fashion. It was based on the few artifacts from the Kremlin Armoury
      and fewer ones from the first ethnographical expeditions to Russian
      villages. It was widely used by "a la Rousse" style creators, like
      Vereschagin, Vasnetsov, Ryabushkin, etc. The same stuff as with the
      Arthurian theme with the Pre-Raffaelites.
      > Augsburg,
      > Germany. A couple such works depict a Slav guards with tunics. My
      > English
      > bud told me that Slavs used as mercenaries had tunics, but to my
      In this case that was the rule of the "host" country, like with the
      Constantinople Varangian Guard. No uniform existed in Russia until
      the first firearms infantry regiments (Streltsy)of 1500s, who wore
      kaftans of their regiment's colors.
      > dismay he
      > couldn't remember the source! I know that they had tunics from the 9th
      If we discuss the type of shirt, yes. If we discuss regular uniform,
      no. BTW they widely used kaftans even in early period, as there were
      plenty of nomads to take habits from. Lots of kaften fasteners
      (razgovory) dated as 9-10 centuries are recovered in Kievan region.
      > C. CE

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