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Macedonian Religeon&Sacred Places

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  • Jade
    Hello Gjoko, ... should. Yes, I recieved the summary. Thankyou very much...it was greatly appreciated. Old sacred sites of the Slavic pagans are not the main
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      Hello Gjoko,

      > I'm not quite sure if you have got the summary, but I think that you

      Yes, I recieved the summary. Thankyou very much...it was greatly

      Old sacred sites of the Slavic pagans are not the main subject of my
      graduate work, but I have worked on cult places ( sacral places as sacred
      trees, springs, woods and hills, and also churches and graves ), located on
      the Eastern Coast of the Lake of Ohrid. To be more specific, Ohrid is the
      town where I live, and it is in Macedonia.

      In your studies have you discovered any common links or themes in these
      sacral places? I am not very familiar with Macedonian culture, but I have
      studied Russian, Polish and Czech cultures to varying extents. I am
      currently saving money to go to Prague. A few things that stand out in my
      mind from some of the travel-related material I've read are descriptions of
      the old Jewish cemetaries, and a cathedral which is made in large part out
      of many generations of human bones. I've yet to form a definative thought on
      what I think this says about the ancient and modern culture of Prague and
      the Czech people...but it definately speaks to me of a people more
      comfortable and at ease with death and their ancestors than the culture I am
      part of. This fascinates me. I know it is very possible that these subjects
      are merely interesting to me...and not necessarily part of the psyche of the
      Macedonian people or anyone else for that matter...but I would love to read
      about your impressions or thoughts on the matter.

      Pagan elements in Macedonian national religion are still present, and also
      in this area.

      What is the Macedonian national religion? Also...is there a common awareness
      of a kind of "dual-faith"? I forget the Russian term for this...I think it's
      devoevrie. Several people who have traveled to stay with relatives in
      Eastern Europe have asked them about ancient slavic pagan beliefs, and have
      been met with hostility....saying they don't practice paganism...this is
      tantamount to satanism as far as these particular individuals are
      conscerned. I think the problem is in the phrasing...the term "pagan" is
      almost universally considered a negative one. Is there a Macedonian
      equivelant to the term "Yazichestvo"? Yazichestvo is generally translated as
      meaning a return to the older, more traditional pre-christian values and
      beliefs of the Slavic people.

      Also, you mention the Pagan elements in the Macedonian national
      religeon...can you mention any specific examples?

      > I think that we can found more in common on this subject. If you found
      interesting this work, it would be my pleasure to cooperate.

      Great! I look forward to chatting with you in the future!

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