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Re: [sig] BlackFox Award

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  • Mstislav Novgorodskii
    ... My sincere congratulations, POMESTNIK Nikulai Ivanovich! As a Kingdom Chronicler, the William Blackfox awards are very important to me, and I m very
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 22, 2001
      Pomestnik Nikulai Ivanovich wrote:

      > So I get a call today from a friend of mine who asks, have you gotten
      > your
      > TI yet. I say yes and he directs me to the list of winners on page
      > seven. In
      > particular the tie for best article. My peer (Mistress Stephania
      > Herring)
      > and I won for our Troll: Life Beneath te Bridge article.

      My sincere congratulations, POMESTNIK Nikulai Ivanovich! As a Kingdom
      Chronicler, the William Blackfox awards are very important to me, and
      I'm very pleased to see a SIG member on the winners list!

      > (Of course they
      > changed the printed credit from Pomestnik to Lord Pomestnik... but no
      > matter.) Woo hoo Im psyched

      Oh, Nikulai, you give them TOO much credit. They didn't just butcher
      the usage, they mis-spelled it to boot! For shame to my fellow
      Chroniclers for changing Pomestnik to "Pemestaik" !!!

      But that aside, congratulations again Nikulai.

      And others on the list of Blackfox nominees and winners who may be SIG
      members, or perhaps should be, based on their names (my apologies if I
      missed anyone whose name didn't "look" Slavic to me!):

      The nominations for the Best Overall Newsletter included:
      Darkwood Drum, Barony of Darkwood, Kingdom of the West. Chronicler
      Mistress Anastasia Ivanovna.
      Beul nam Beinnean, Barony of Sentinel's Keep, Kingdom of Artemisia.
      Chronicler: Lord Mstislav Novgorodskii.
      Palm Prints, Barony of Atenveldt, Kingdom of Atenveldt. Chronicler:
      Mistress Dascha Alexandrova Rostova.

      The nominations for Best Layout and Design included:
      River Haven Rag, Barony of River Haven, Kingdom of the West.
      Chronicler: Lady Katya Ivanovna.
      Twin Moons Missive, Barony of Twin Moons, Kingdom of Atenveldt.
      Chronicler: Lady Melisande Ptasznik.

      The nominations for Best Artwork included in a newsletter included:
      Dragon's Eye, Shire of Stan Wyrm, Kingdom of Artemisia. Artist: Master
      Pawel of Gdansk. (May 2000 cover)
      The Horn of Narval, Shire of Narval Dorado, Kingdom of Trimaris. Artist:
      Lady Alessandra di Nicola da Vinci. (Second Quarter 2000 cover)
      [NOTE: above is same person as wrote winning special issue on Russia]

      The nominations for Best Special Issue of a newsletter included:
      The Horn of Narval, Shire of Narval Dorado, Kingdom of Trimaris.
      Russian edition (Third Quarter 2000) Chronicler: Alessandra di Nicola
      da Vinci.

      The nominations for Best Regular Feature in a newsletter included:
      The Crescent, Shire of Crescent Moon, Kingdom of Calontir. Author: Lady
      Victoria la Russa for "Newcomer's Corner."

      The nominations for Best Article in a newsletter included:
      The Phoenix, Barony of Sacred Stone, Kingdom of Atlantia. Author:
      Mistress Stephania Herring and Lord Pemestaik Nikulai Ivanovich for
      "Troll: Life Beneath the Bridge."
      Serpent's Tongue, Barony of Calafia, Kingdom of Caid. Author: THL
      Judwiga Zajaczkowa for "Medieval and Renaissance Gardens."
      Dragon's Breath, Shire of Wyrmgeist, Kingdom of Meridies. Author Baron
      Modar Neznanich for "Basic Research."

      Among the winners were also these Honorable Mentions:

      These are nominations which didn't fit into the above categories who
      demonstrated excellence and dedication as noted. The majority of these
      nominations were made by the Kingdom Chroniclers, although some
      additions were made during the judging process.

      Eichen Blatter, Barony of Drei Eichen, Kingdom of Drachenwald for hard
      work against the odds and producing an attractive and readable
      newsletter. August 2000 issue submitted. Chronicler: Lady Arisa

      The winners, nominees, and "honorable mentions" of the Master William
      Blackfox Awards are permitted to use the Award logo on their newsletter
      with the appropriate notation. (Example: Winner of the A.S. XXXIV Best
      Over All Newsletter, A.S. XXXV nominee for Best Article, or Honorable
      Mention, A.S. XXXV.) Individuals can add this accomplishment to their

      Congratulations to all participants in the A.S. XXXV Master William
      Blackfox Awards!
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