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  • Sarayya@aol.com
    In a message dated 5/22/01 4:16:03 AM, fabrix@mymail.emcyber.com writes: This was done in
    Message 1 of 2 , May 22, 2001
      In a message dated 5/22/01 4:16:03 AM, fabrix@... writes:

      << Could I suggest stringing pearls on thin wire before sewing? >>
      This was done in Russian embroidery, but I believe it was only when the line
      of pearls went around a rounded plaque or large gem included in the
      embroidery pattern. Wire is much better than thread for helping a very curved
      line hold its shape.

      The risk of stringing straight or slightly curved lines of pearls on wires is
      at that sooner or later the wire will be bent, and your line of pearls will
      have an unwanted sharp corner in it, or the wire will be broken, and the
      pearls (and they were using valuable real, natural pearls) may fall off.

      Soraya Evodia
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