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Re: [sig] Linen weight/dyes/murex purple

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  • Sarayya@aol.com
    Hi, Yana. In a message dated 5/4/01 11:40:50 PM, slavic@mailbag.com writes: Y.
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      Hi, Yana.

      In a message dated 5/4/01 11:40:50 PM, slavic@... writes:

      Y. << I do remember reading (in the context of Celtic clothing) that murex
      is one of the more successful natural dyes on linen. I think that you
      could get a purple-red from it.>>

      S. That would explain the color. I have seen textiles dyed with murex, and
      the 'royal purple' is NOT purple by our standards. It's a rich raspberry
      color. Could the Scythians get murex purple? They had access to much Greek
      stuff and plenty of gold to buy expensive things with if they wanted to.

      Y. <<One thing to think about is if the Scythian outfit could have been
      stained from being buried in something (did the exhibit say anything about
      the dye?).

      S. This warrior costume was
      1. An accurate modern reproduction, not the original. Nothing was said about
      the dye.
      2. Evenly colored (not splotchy as a stain might be) in a warm berry pink
      (not a color likely to be a stain from natural burial influence such as rust,
      tannin, etc.
      3. Shown in a full page picture in the catalog, but not shown in the exhibit
      in L.A., so I didn't get to see it in person.

      Y. <<Another thing to consider would be if the method(s) for dyeing linen in
      shades of red could have been "lost" and "refound" at various times during
      Russia's history, perhaps making red linen not "period" for some times. >>

      S. Dunno if the method got lost - but even if knowledge of the method was not
      lost, if murex purple was used to dye the Scythian linen, it probably became
      too rare and expensive for the larger and poorer population of later period
      Russians to afford to use it.

      Y. <<I'd love to hear more details on medieval Russian textiles,

      S. Me, too! Anybody knowledgable out there who could continue this thread
      with us?

      Soraya Evodia
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