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Persian Mongols

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  • medievalmuse@hotmail.com
    I ve been in the SCA about 10 weeks now. I have a new found interest in Il-khanid Persia. I ve already studied quite a bit about the Mongols but a posting of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2001
      I've been in the SCA about 10 weeks now. I have a new found interest
      in Il-khanid Persia. I've already studied quite a bit about the
      Mongols but a posting of Persian clothing patterns on another list
      prompted me to this line of research and I've run into more questions
      than answers. I don't know if anyone can help me with this but I'm
      asking for authenticity sake so I hope it's ok to post this here. I
      also posted this to the SCA_Mongol list and I posted this question to
      the Authentic_SCA list and it was suggested that I also post here for

      I'm still trying to figure out what type of Mongol persona I want to
      develope I've started researching Persia during the time of Mongol
      rule and I was wondering if anyone else could offer their opinions on
      the subject. I'm specifically thinking of the time during Hulagu's
      (Grandson of Chingus Kahn, first mongol independant ruler of Persia,
      if I have my facts straight) rule around 1256. My understanding is
      that until his death in 1265 Persia under Mongol rule went fairly
      well as opposed to the time after his death until 1295 when there was
      constant warfare and civil war.

      I also read that along with the Chinese and Turkish, the Persians had
      a strong cultural effect on the Mongols who lived with these
      conquered people. In some ways the Mongols in Persia began to be
      influenced and eventually assimilated into the culture (especially by
      1295 when Ghaza Khan adopted Islam and assumed the name of Mahumud).

      So here is what I'm wondering. How and when would these influences
      begin to manifest? Would we see a blending of Mongol and Persian
      clothing styles? I know Mongols borrowed names from other cultures.
      Would we start to see Mongols giving Persian names to their
      offspring? Would a Mongol possibly utilize the Persian style of
      lamellar when fighting? Would there be intermarriage between a Mongol
      and a Persian? If so how would the mongol/persian offspring have been
      treated? Would they be considered Mongol or Persian? Would a Persian
      have embraced Mongol traditions? Or would each culture have held
      itself apart from the other as much as possible through mutual
      hostilities? I know that there would be unique cases but I'm looking
      for accuracy sake at what the general trend would have been.

      Seeing how Persia was overrun in 1236 by Ogedei and Subedei I would
      think that by 1256 when Hulagu took control that perhaps we would
      start to see a blending of the two cultures. I'm just not sure how.
      Any thoughts? I'm sorry, it's a lot of questions but I'm not sure
      where to find answers for the time period of Hulagu. I know Marco
      Polo wrote quite a bit about Persia under Mongol rule but it was
      around 1273 after Hulegu's reign I think.

      Amicia, who probably reads more and ponders more than she should.
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