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Hungarian illuminations and Fine Arts

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  • Lente
    Hello all: Had somebody in the Outlands asking about Hungarian illuminations (manuscripts) for research for a scroll she will be doing. I found all the sites
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2000
      Hello all:
      Had somebody in the Outlands asking about Hungarian illuminations (manuscripts) for research for a scroll she will be doing. I found all the sites listed in the message below and was wondering if anybody has seen any others that I have missed.  thanks for  any help you can give me on this search.
      Al-Barran, Outlands
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      From: Lente
      Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 1:50 PM
      Subject: Hungarian illuminations and Fine Arts

      This is the main page of the Fine Arts in Hungary site
      If you click on the ABC index icon you get the Alphabetic list of Artists (which is a great starting place for looking at Fine Art by artists in Hungary) and there you will go to the bottom of the page and click on the special section for viewing, click on the thumbnails to view them larger:
       wall paintings
      *miniatures: 12th century, 13th century, 14th century, 15th century, 16th century
       tapestry:19th century
       stained glass windows: 19th century
       unknown artist's work
      Checkout the miniatures, the 12th and 13th centuries are sort of plain when you consider how fancy illumination was in other countries but to me they have a stark beauty, they are also all from codex, bibles.The really gorgeous illuminations start in the 14th Century.  14th century images are scenes from the Legend of Saint Ladislas in the Anjou Legendarium, according to the blurb they are done in the Italian trecento style.  EVEN better check out the title page  of the Illuminated Chronicle page, just don't think the introductory page is the only image from this book go to the very bottom of the page and check out the links there the 1st one has 16 images and the 2nd one has 8 images from the Representation of St Ladislas in the Illuminated Chronicle--all of it very yum-yum.  15th century pieces are done during the time of King Corvinius, who had his own Italian Renaissance going on. Lots of great sculpture happened during his lifetime. 
      Web Gallery of Art has a page with some Hungarian Illuminated manuscripts from the 15th century, it has eight thumbnails that you can click on to view larger:
      The National Szechenyi Library http://www.oszk.hu/eng/collect/kezirate.html
      has several images from 12th and 14th century posted on its manuscript page.
      the Hungarian National museum has a few documents from guilds and such in the modern dept and the medieval dept but I can't get the URL to work, here it is any way maybe it will work for you. http://origo.hnm.hu/gyujtem/angol.html
      The Hungarian Collections at the Library of Congress has a image of a 14th century Latin codex, the Nekcesi-Lipocz bible, just go to the image and click on it to view larger http://www.loc.gov/rr/european/collhung.html
      I also tripped across the Art of the Middle Ages which has a large number of medieval manuscript links for all sorts of places. http://medieval.arthistory.sbc.edu/faculty/witcombe/ARTHmedieval.html
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