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Re: An-Tir? Court (Russian garb?)

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  • Sean Hinckley
    Regarding the question about the use of Russian clothing at an An Tirian court: Greetings from Baron Gwilym, Baron Three Mountains (Portland, Oregon), in the
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      Regarding the question about the use of Russian clothing at an An Tirian

      Greetings from Baron Gwilym, Baron Three Mountains (Portland, Oregon), in
      the Kingdom of An Tir.

      I am a Royal Adviser and a member of King Sven and Queen Signy's retinue.
      (They are the Heirs to the Sable Lion Throne after King Davin and Queen
      Groa.) From a clothing perspective - I witnessed some very interesting and
      visually enjoyable courts.

      At Their Coronation (July of A.S. XXXIV) King Davin and Queen Groa stepped
      up as King and Queen in SCYTHIAN clothing. This clothing was researched by
      Baron Sir Ataias and constructed by a group directed and spearheaded by Her
      Grace Duchess Hlutwige Wolfkiller. Both live in Three Mountains. (I
      witnessed all phases of the reconstruction and my lady wife Baroness
      Elizabeth was one of many here in Three Mountains who played a part in the
      making of this clothing.) Pictures of this clothing can be found on the An
      Tir web page. The picture shows Davin and Groa wearing this clothing at
      Pennsic last August. (The decorations on Queen Groa's head dress are made
      from stamped bronze.)

      I realize that SCYTHIAN is not the focus of this SIG so I'll more on to the
      next item that I do think you may be interested in:

      At the An Tir 12th Night Coronation - January A.S. XXXIV - King Davin and
      Queen Groa relinquished the Throne to Crown Prince Sven and Crown Princess
      Signy. I preface this strongly by saying IT APPEARED (because I did not
      speak to anyone about it at the time) ...so again it APPEARED that during
      the ceremony King Davin and Queen Groa stepped down wearing Byzantine style
      garb (I suppose, at various times, some Russian clothing could be considered
      "Byzantine style" garb but, in my opinion, the cloths APPEARED to be more
      Byzantine than Russian -- applied gems and gold decoration.) At this court
      members of Davin and Groa's personal guard wore matching clothing (pure
      white great coats that I think were based on the Russian coat folk pattern
      that has recently been discussed here and which apparently is not period?)
      I could be wrong but the coats were more 18th century in design at least the
      pattern - manner of cut and construction - seemed out of the SCA period.

      Ignoring the "periodness" of the coats for the moment: It is worthy to note
      these coats were impressive pieces of work made by various volunteers. What
      impressed me the most was that these coats had matching hand stamped bronze
      closures (I do not know what they are called) made by Sir Thorfin here in
      the Barony of Three Mountains.

      If anyone out there is interested in knowing more about the clothing I have
      described in this memo I could put you in touch with the persons who
      actually constructed these garments and accoutrements.

      Baron Gwilym

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