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Cossack patterns

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  • timbo@marcon.org
    Sergei, those folds are called whiskers , what a cool name. And the flaps over the hands are called dog s paws . Too cool! Cossack fashions and reference
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 29, 2000
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      Sergei, those folds are called "whiskers", what a cool name. And the
      flaps over the hands are called "dog's paws". Too cool!

      Cossack fashions and reference materials:
      Actually, the Cossack coat is primarily an imitation of Polish
      fashions, since the Ukraine came with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
      when it merged with Poland. But Cossack stuff is 17th century. The
      Cossacks originated as runaway Russian serfs during the riegn of Ivan
      the Terrible in the mid to late 16th century. They were nominally
      infealty to the Polish crown but played the Russians, the Turks
      (through their clients, the Krim Tartars) and the Poles off each
      other to insure thier semi-independent status.
      Result: a mixture of Polish, Tarter and and Turkish fashions. Sort
      of dribs and drabs of whatever they thought was particularly cool
      looking and flamboyant. The reference sources are very scarce though.
      The only one I know of is tertiary by illustrated. Check out "History
      of Ukrainian Costume", Bayda Books, Melbourne Australia, 1986. If you
      are reading this on the internet, you will be able to locate it using
      the same tool and order it. I use www.bookfinder.com alot.
      'dak, lurker in the busy season.

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      From: "Diane S. Sawyer" <tasha_medved@...>
      Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 15:54:13 -0700 (PDT)
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      Subject: Re: [sig] Folkwear Patterns

      --- "Sheila W." <turrel@...> wrote:
      > A friend recently picked up a copy of Folkwear Patterns
      > "Cossak Coat"and asked me to make one to go over his hardsuit
      > After looking at it, there seems to be tucks in to make the
      > waistline smaller,
      > Is this a period garment and/or pattern?
      > Or is this a later version of a Kaftan, or am i totally off base?
      > Thanks!
      > Turrel

      I have this pattern. IMO, it's a nineteeth century design. If you
      look at the pattern instructions, they have cartridge loops for
      ammunition across the chest. It's a way cool look, and I might make
      it up someday in my copious spare time, but I don't think it's a
      period pattern.


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