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Re: [sig] writing for kids

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  • vespirus@socrates.berkeley.edu
    ... Two books you might find useful (and both of which are in print): How a Shirt Grew in the Field -- is a Russian children s book written near the
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 3, 2000
      On Sun, 2 Apr 2000, Patricia Hefner wrote:
      > I've been asked to write some stuff about Russian garb for the Page's school
      > in Meridies. They publish a newsletter. I'm not used to writing simple
      > articles!! :-)

      Two books you might find useful (and both of which are in print):

      "How a Shirt Grew in the Field" -- is a Russian children's book written
      near the beginning of the 19th century. While not *strictly* period, the
      book shows through a child's view just how flax seed sown in the field
      eventually becomes a wonderful tunic. The rural activities are
      practically medieval. If you have trouble finding it, I have a copy and
      can send the full citation.

      "My first 1000 words in Russian" -- I don't own this book, but it is in a
      style similar to Richard Scarry's books (if you know what that means),
      except that it's not a book populated by animals. Each page covers words
      on a particular theme, and I recall a 2-page spread on clothing words,
      where the words were given in Russian spelling and in transliteration.
      It may be too modern, but it might also give you some ideas. If you need
      a full citation to find it, I can drop by the UNICEF store, where I saw
      it, and get more info. It's one in a series of books that also includes
      English, Spanish, French, and others.

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