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Birka webpage

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  • Jenn/Yana
    For those that are interested in the Vikings in Russia subject, here s a nice page: Birka at the Silk Road
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2000
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      For those that are interested in the "Vikings in Russia" subject, here's a
      nice page:

      Birka at the Silk Road

      "This route of trade, mainly of silk and silver, went from the turkic
      Khazarian empire in the southeastern Europe along the Volga river system
      and across the Baltic Sea, to the Frankic and Anglosaxon kingdoms and,
      at a later stage, to the German-Ottonian kingdom, in the northwestern
      Europe. Its era of prosperity, during a couple of hundred years from
      around 770 to 970 AD, was abruptly cut off by an attack from the Kievan
      realm, duly followed by a cataclyzmal change of the existing economical,
      social, mercantile as well as political positions and structures in northern

      Daniel Waugh describes Birka as "an important settlement in Scandinavia
      that was connected via the trade routes of Eastern Europe to the Middle
      East. On this particualr webpage, he states "...there is a kind of "Khazar
      nationalism" evident in some of the commentary here, which thus leaves
      unexplored some of the other aspects of the history of such a town."

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