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Re: [sig] Palaeocontact

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  • Gjoko Apostolov
    For Sofya and Alastair Paleocontact is a hyphotesis, which is established on some evidences that in our past, visitors from out of space came to earth, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2000
      For Sofya and Alastair

      "Paleocontact" is a hyphotesis, which is established on some evidences that
      in our past, visitors from out of space came to earth, and made impact on
      human race. This is supposed to have happened many years ago.
      Some representatives of this theory says that this visitors made a genetic
      influences and experiments on humanoids, so they factual give them
      intelligence ( I think that the fact that man use only 3 or 4 % of the
      brain, may show us that the psychic development was artificial. How would
      the brain anyway develop in this stadium in which we are using it, so it
      can't use by himself almost all of his capacity. The supposition that some
      others developed our brain may tell us that they also can control it and
      they decided that it's enough to give us permission to use 3-4% of it. It's
      practically proved that people who had ESP (extra sensory perception) use
      other parts of the brain than regular people. They maybe have find way how
      to use it by they are not conscious about that).
      Others says that they showed up in human near history, and Impact on
      technique development of man kind. They find evidences in symptomatic ways
      of building stuffs like the Pyramids, drawings in Nazca, Stonehenge, etc.
      These visitors in the second theory was accepted and treated from people
      like Gods. Other prove for these is poetry and mythology of almost every
      folk in the world.
      However, it has to be expected that they still want know what's going on
      with people. This may associate us to UFO phenomenon, which is actual
      This UFOs had been seen all over the world, and all over in our history. The
      ways people explained them is different, but in his essence they were
      strange to people and had some supernatural characteristics, which was
      described by human according to their understandings.
      Talking about Slavic world, we also found some elements which lead us to
      this theory.
      From my personal research I found some interesting stuffs which I like to
      represent you:
      In Macedonia there is a village called Z'bzdi. Every year on the
      village celebration day, a "Saint" showed up and flew above the village. The
      interesting thing in this is that it looked like a burning stack hay. Some
      people tell me that they have seen it landing in the field. After he had
      flown away there were BURNED circles in the field. According the folk
      beliefs and superstitions the place where the fairy dance held ( samovilsko
      kolo, oro ) is burned.

      These analogous are just one in huge number of them.
      From this point of you I would like to ask anybody of you for your opinion
      about this problem.

      That's all from me, so far.
      Gjoko Apostolov
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      > From: "Alastair Millar" <alastair@...>
      > Gjoko -
      > I think that most of the alleged "palaeocontact" events occurred much too
      > early for this list.
      > However, you mentioned evidence from the "folklore" - assuming that you
      > *Slavic* folklore, could you give us some examples please?
      > Cheers!
      > Alastair
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