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Premyslid rulers

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  • Alastair Millar
    A little while ago, I was asked if I could provide some Bohemian names, so here s a couple of centuries worth of Bohemian Pr emyslids. Heads of the Pr emyslid
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      A little while ago, I was asked if I could provide some Bohemian names, so
      here's a couple of centuries' worth of Bohemian Pr'emyslids.

      Heads of the Pr'emyslid line from its foundation, according to the
      Chronicle of Cosmas: Pr'emysl Orac' (Pr'emysl the Ploughman), then Nezamizl,
      Mnata, Voyn, Vnizlau, Crezomizl, Neclan, Gostivit (Hostivit), and Goriwei
      (Bor'ivoj) followed by his two sons Spytihne'v and Vratislav.

      *some, but not all, of these are Latinised forms.
      *for Bor'ivoj, Spytihne'v, and Vratislav we have Latinised German
      forms of Slavic names... Bor'voj is mentioned in the Annals of Fulda
      fighting the Franks in 872, while in 895: ""omnes duces Boemaniorum...
      primores erant Spitignewo, Witizla".

      **Then, fully historically attestable:

      Vaclav (Wenceslas) the Saint, murdered 925,
      Boleslav I the Cruel, r.925-972, consolidator of Bohemia into a single
      power bloc, and conqueror of huge territories eastwards
      Boleslav II, r.972-999, in whose reign the massacre of the Slavniks
      occurred, this marking the "official" foundation of the Czech state.
      Boleslav III Rufus (deposed c.1001)
      Vladivoj (d.Jan. 1003)
      Boleslav III Rufus again, dep 03/1003, d.a prisoner in Poland 1037
      Boleslav the Bold of Poland (kicked out 1004)
      Jaromir (r.1004-1012, 1033-1034)
      Oldr'ich (r.1012-1033, 1034), who captured Moravia c.1020
      Br'etislav I (r.1035-1055)
      Vratislav II (r.1061-1092)

      Hope this is useful for someone.



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