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Slavic Migrations

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  • Bob Markovitch
    ... the ... century ... northbound ... main ... today ... We ... fun... Yes, fun, that s why I m here! But I m still surprised! I understand that White Croats
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2000
      > The Slavic migration . . . two
      > main flows - one north of the Carpathians, and one in the south, testing
      > borders of the Byzantine Empire. Settlers in Bohemia during the 7th
      > found themselves trying to accomodate an influx of still-migrant
      > Slavs in the 8th, for example.
      > Some ethnic (?) groups seem to have contributed members to each of the
      > flows - so there were the (now-vanished) Croats in Bohemia, while even
      > there are Czech-speaking "remnant" minorities in Croatia and the Ukraine.
      > shouldn't let this surprise us - . . .historically Chorvat/Charvat could
      > refer to either a Balkan Croat or a Bohemian Croat. Makes translating

      Yes, fun, that's why I'm here!

      But I'm still surprised!

      I understand that White Croats left what was recently called Halychyna
      (Galicia)-SE Poland/W Ukraine, but didn't think this area went west of about
      Cracow. Croats from Bohemia? Is this thought to be the origin of the Red

      Also , from where south did Slavs enter Bohemia? I have heard of
      Slavic settlements as far west as Regensburg,Bavaria in the south, and even
      supposedly Hamburg Bremen in the north!

      I'd like to learn more about these issues.

      Svyatoslav Izbornyk
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