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Re: The new list (moving on, I hope)

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  • Elizabeth Lear
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 1999
      <From: Leslie Helms <leslieh@...>
      <The list switch obviously happened under time pressure, although I
      <understand the frustrations of those who don't like being moved without due
      <process. I had told Erik that I could discuss taking over the list at the
      <end of this month, but that wasn't soon enough.

      Yep, and I want to emphasize that it's great Yana was able to step in
      and make the move when it needed to be done. I feel like such a
      slacker for letting Erik down when I told him I'd do it, and I for one
      appreciate the list being uninterrupted! :)

      <OneList is pretty benign. Try to hang with it and see if we can get back
      <to Slavic things, please?

      Indeed. And if we run into problems we can discuss further list
      options then. Like others, I ignore the bottoms of messages anyway
      because there are too many html-coded attachments and extended
      signature lines. Lets' see how it goes.

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