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Pennsic Classes!

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  • Sfandra
    Pennsic U deadline day! The SIG meeting is submitted. I m teaching Russian Hats & Headdresses and Basics of Russian Clothing (my usual beginner garb
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2013
      Pennsic U deadline day! The SIG meeting is
      submitted. I'm teaching "Russian Hats & Headdresses" and "Basics of Russian
      Clothing" (my usual beginner garb class).

      Also, I'd like to try something
      different this year: Instead of a formal class, I am hereby making myself
      available for one-on-one consultation at Pennsic on any advanced topics
      pertaining to Kievan Rus - clothing, accessories, embellishments, culture,
      history, etc. Contact me directly to let me know what you need help with, and
      when/where you'd like to meet - I will come to YOU if needed! War Week

      Mistress Sfandra Dmitrieva

      Boiarynia Sfandra Dmitrieva Chernigova
      O.L., O.M., K.O.E., Haus VDK, East Kingdom
      Never 'pearl' your butt.

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