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Mongolian games?

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  • T Duran
    I m interested to learn more Mongolian games. Can anyone help ? We ve learned three shagai/ankle bone games: -- the shooting game similar to marbles --
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2012
      I'm interested to learn more Mongolian games. Can anyone help ?
      We've learned three shagai/ankle bone games:

      -- the "shooting" game similar to marbles
      -- "horse race"
      -- the one similar to jacks, where you throw a chain in the air and
      try to scoop up bones

      I'm interested to get the rules to the version they play at Nadaam,
      which involves a board and some other accoutrements. Also, there's a
      game we heard mentioned that involves building a turtle -- wondering
      if it's the same as the colored frog layout we saw in the National
      museum, and what's involved.

      Other games we saw in the museum:

      uichuur -- tiles or cards with pictures of animals
      khorol -- tiles featuring zodiac animals and Buddhist symbols
      baajii -- consists of a cross-shaped board painted with colored
      squares, and cowrie shells as markers/pieces
      jaran khavtga' / eight auspicious emblems -- similar to dominoes ?

      We also saw ordinary dominoes - are the rules similar to the western
      rules we learned as kids ?



      PS: I've comprehensively photographed the (period and earlier
      sections of the) Military History Museum and the National History
      Museum in Ulaanbaatar, and the brand new museum in Kharkhorin, if
      anyone is looking for something specific.

      PPS: Found an awesome new book: _Mongol Costumes_, by B. Suvd and
      A.Sarul, Academy of National Costumes Research, 2011. ISBN
      978-9962-444-9 In Mongolian and English. There are a bunch of books
      with the same or similar titles, but this one has photos of many of
      the actual finds organized by period, plus line drawings, plus
      reconstructions on models (some of those are obviously movie costumes,
      but you can compare them to the finds they're based on right there,
      so...) Discovered that fake braids are period, hah!
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