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Re: [sig] new dress project

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  • Sfandra
    Who cares about station ??  It s ALL ABOUT THE BLING!!! OK, now that I ve gotten that off my chest.... ;-)   Seriously though, there are a couple of notes
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      Who cares about 'station'??  It's ALL ABOUT THE BLING!!!

      OK, now that I've gotten that off my chest.... ;-)   Seriously though, there are a couple of notes here: 

      1) in period, if you could afford it, you wore it.   Clearly, you HAVE the brocade, therefore you can afford it.  
      2) You have your AoA, you are nobility.

      3) There are NO Sumptuary Laws in the East Kingdom.   You can wear tyrian purple if you want, there are no rules against it.  

      So  now that you've waved fancy brocade around, I WANT TO SEE IT.  So make the dress, bring it to Birka, and show it off.  :-)


      Boiarynia Sfandra Dmitrieva Chernigova
      O.L., O.M., K.O.E., Haus VDK, East Kingdom
      Never 'pearl' your butt.

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      Greetings! I've taken it upon myself to create a more period Rus dress for my local 12th night celebration (next Saturday) and i've run into a creative wall, so to say. I've got this beautiful brocade that i got, and turns out i bought the same brocade a few months ago, so now i have enough to make a nice dress. My issue is that I know brocade is generally for the wealthy people, and i;m a lowly lady fighter. Would it still be proper to wear a full brocade dress even though I'm not of the proper station?

      I know i'm getting really technical here, but if i can pull it off, i might wear it for Birka as well, and work on my pell dummy instead of making a new dress for the next three weeks lol.

      Lady Serafima Medvednikova

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