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Re: [sig] Period Russian Bardic?

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  • Sfandra
    Kseniia, I have 2 russian story collections , one that s mostly very Aesop-esque short tales, but no dates:
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      I have 2 "russian story collections", one that's mostly very Aesop-esque short tales, but no dates:

      and the other that has a more reliably dated collection of byliny, excerpts from chronicles, etc:

      I would suggest that if you intend to write something original in the style of a byliny, go with the second one.   The trick would be to make up an original tale... IIRC, in the latter parts of the Primary Chronicle, there is some information about a prince who instigated a battle, by telling lies & flipflopping his support.    I can't think of who/when off hand; I'll grab it tomorrow & send the references to you.   But that would be a historical event that you could possible write a byliny about, particularly with a nice moralistic theme...

      There's always the option, also, of adapting one of the classic tales, such as Ivan Ivanovich and the Grey Wolf, etc.


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      Hello everyone!

      I am currently researching Period Russian Bardic works, and while I 
      have found a lot of information about the Byliny, I did find some 
      passing references to "fairy tales" in late period (1500's).

      I need to write a bardic piece for Sergeantry Trials happening in my 
      principality, and if anyone has more information (or an idea of where 
      to look for more information) about a more free form way of writing 
      spoken tales, I would truly appreciate it.

      Das Svedanya!

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