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Re: [sig] Re: Slavic University in Calontir?

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    ...and let us not forget that Mieszko s daughter married Swen Forkbeard and was the mother of Canute the Great. :) Jan ... From: John Staeck
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      ...and let us not forget that Mieszko's daughter married Swen Forkbeard and was the mother of Canute the Great. :)


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      This is very true. Material from the North German Plain makes it way into the Great Moravian materials regularly, including recent finds of gaming pieces at Breclav-Pohansko. There is certainly evidence for contact between many Slavic groups and neighbors who were a little bit of this and a little bit of that in terms of borrowing. Diffusion for the victory!

      Pax - Janos

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      >Would SIG members accept some Viking (i.e., neighbors to the Slavs) programming in order to attract more of the local populace? Am I crazy? <I *know* the answer to that last question!>


      There is a solution, since the SIG isn't *just* Slavic -- we have Finns and Balts hiding out here too! You don't need to jump from Slav to Scandinavian to get your Viking-esque stuff, you can see what the groups *in between* were doing.

      Say, for example, the Livonians seemed to have adopted Norse tortoise brooches, but also kept their oh-so-stylish bronze spiral encrusted mantles.

      (Can't find any pictures! Will have to give a text summary: http://www.amberbridge.org/Arkhang/09.pdf

      Here's a reconstruction photo with the smaller, 'local' brooches: http://www.li.lv/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=42&Itemid=1129 You need to right click to view the picture by itself to see all the details,)

      In the same vein, Finns seem to have occasionally adopted Vendel-period jewellery from Scandinavia, and wore it long after it had gone out of fashion in it's homeland.

      Heck, look at the other 'Vikings' out there, like the Latgallians and Curonians who also set out on raids around the Baltic sea. There's plenty of Viking-ing to be had without any actual Scandinavians involved!


      (This may be part of a personal mission to encourage more Finno-Ugrian stuff. Shame I'm on the wrong continent and can't come to a SIG event.) :-p

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