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Codex Gigas

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  • Eleonora Pragensis
    Thought I d share a link. Overview Here: *http://www.kb.se/codex-gigas/eng/Long/texter/cosmas/* This is the Cosmas
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      Thought I'd share a link.

      Overview Here:


      This is the "Cosmas" section of the Codex Gigas.

      Cosmas’s chronicle of the Czechs is the work of a deacon of Prague who died
      in 1125 at an advanced age. His family history on his father’s side has
      sometimes been linked to Polish prisoners who came to the Czech lands in the
      first half of the eleventh century. Though Cosmas was a priest, he was
      married to a woman named Božetěcha.

      He wrote his work over a number of years towards the end of his life, using
      a great variety of sources and materials as his basis. After placing his
      chronicle of the Czechs in a ‘world’s’ context, Cosmas then begins with
      Czech legends. These reflect oral tradition, but also include more recent
      events. Cosmas embellished his version of the legends. These are followed by
      compilations from various historical works from the late tenth and eleventh
      centuries. The chronicle also includes Cosmas’ personal knowledge and
      experience, as well as that of people in his circle, in addition to Cosmas’s
      own sympathies and antipathies. His work would to a significant extent would
      come to form the Czech ‘state ideology’.
      Interactive link to the Cosmas (pan, zoom, etc) here:


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