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Re: [sig] OT: Looking for information

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  • Adam MacDonald
    Greetings! 2 seconds with Google got this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4USKwYYefw Iskander Barony of Calafia, Caid ... From: Elaine Manyoki
    Message 1 of 2 , May 22, 2010

      2 seconds with Google got this:


      Barony of Calafia, Caid

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      Subject: [sig] OT: Looking for information

      > Good evening, good gentles...
      > Sorry to post this off-topic request, but I need help in locating several
      > things.
      > First, does anyone who is in the age range 40 to 70 years old remember a
      > story book for children, printed most likely in the late 50's to mid 60's
      > that contained stories about the Russian mythological witch named Baba
      > Yaga? I remember reading this book, with what I think was a series of
      > stories written to be read one each day for a year. I remember the Baba
      > Yaga stories, and remember the description of her cottage as being built
      > on chicken legs that allowed the house to move through the Iron Forest at
      > will. The same witch appeared again within the last ten years or so, in
      > the off-shoot of the Anastasia movie, Bartok The Magnificent. Much of
      > what I remember from my childhood seemed familiar in the Bartok movie, but
      > I can't remember the title of the book, or who actually put the stories
      > together. In the same book were stories about a talking parrot named
      > Hustlebustle. The book would have come out around the same time as the
      > Bobbsey Twins stories, and
      > the Honeybunch books. I am trying to track down the Baba Yaga stories, as
      > well as the Bobbsey twins and Honeybunch books.
      > The other thing I am looking for is the title of a song used on CBS in
      > either the NCIS or Ghost Whisperer series. Some of the lyrics say, "How
      > long," some unintelligable words, and then the phrase" 'till we bring our
      > sons and daughters home?" I suspect it was written within the last two
      > years or so, and written to commemorate those serving in Iraq and
      > Afghanistan. The tune is very haunting, and portions of the lyrics keep
      > running through my memory, but I don't know who sings it, or which show
      > featured it. I believe, though I am not certain, that it was in the Ghost
      > Whisperer series, and would appreciate anyone's help in tracking the story
      > books and the title of this song. It can get downright annoying when you
      > know you have read a book, and can't remember the title. It's the price
      > one pays, I suppose, for aging not so gracefully. Please contact me
      > off-list if you remember or have a hunch as to where I should check next
      > to find these items.
      > I now return you to your previous programming, already in progress.
      > Thank you in advance!
      > Katya
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