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Shameless event plug for Warriors Naadam

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  • Yevgeniya Pechenaya
    Please read below :) Lada Oooooh... SHINY! This is a shameless event plug for our upcoming event Warriors Nadaam October 9-11 The Silver Horde is once again
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      Please read below :)



      This is a shameless event plug for our upcoming event Warriors Nadaam October 9-11

      The Silver Horde is once again hosting a Mongol themed event, sponsored
      by the Crown Province of Ostgardr. All are invited to enjoy the
      hospitality of the Steppe from all corners of the Mongol Yoke, and
      visitors from the land of the Francs will be most welcome.

      The Naadam tournament will test the three skills necessary to every
      Mongol warrior: combat, archery and horsemanship. The heavy weapons
      portion will be in the form of a Warlords Tourney in honor of the gathering of the tribes
      by Chinggis Khaan, The archery portion will test your accuracy, and
      competitors are encouraged to shoot earlier in the day before the heavy
      weapons. Accuracy with thrown weapons will also be tested. The
      mounted portion will test weapon skill from horseback. The Tournament
      Schedule will be posted on the event website.

      As all these skills are essential to Steppe warfare, a person must
      enter at least two of these tourneys to qualify to be overall winner of
      the Iron Man tourney. The Tourney will also be open to youths - they
      may compete in the archery, thrown weapons, and equestrian portions
      along side the adults and there will be a youth combat list open for
      the combat portion in place of heavy weapons, counting full value
      towards the Iron Man tourney score.

      Aside from the main tournament, the list field will be open all day for
      heavy weapons, and space will be made available for fencing.
      Authorizations and lessons will be encouraged to be done in the
      morning. For those who intend to ride and do not own a horse, please
      arrange a mount in advance as horses will be limited.

      There will be a hearty dayboard for all Prepared by Mistress Annekje (formerly Andrea McIntyre).

      Feast will be a treat that will be sure to satisfy, from the words of
      our feastocrat: "Warriors and commoners alike, come taste the foods
      from the vast reaches of the Mongol Empire. From the windy Steppe to
      the frozen reaches of Russia. Join us on the cool October evening and
      share a hearty meal to delight and satisfy all palates."

      As artisans are highly valued on the Steppe, there will be an A&S
      Display featuring the finest Asian wares. Bards, known as Tuulich on
      the steppe, from all lands are welcome to entertain for the evening's

      Event listing: http://www.eastkingdom.org/event-detail.html?eid=1780

      Event Website: http://silverhorde.viahistoria.com/warriorsnaadam/

      My apologies to anyone who receives this more than once as I am sending it to multiple lists

      Now returning you to your regularly scheduled programming....


      Baroness Jacqueline Helene Loisel

      mka Jackie Kapaj

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