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Re: 'dak's"zdrast"

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  • LiudmilaV@xxx.xxx
    In a message dated 12/19/1999 12:16:51 AM Pacific Standard Time, timbo@marcon.org writes:
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      In a message dated 12/19/1999 12:16:51 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      timbo@... writes:

      << Luidmila is from this region. Would you mind telling us
      whether they were just BSing me or what? I'm mildly amused by this
      who donneybeg but intensely curious to know if my "friends" were
      feeding the indulgent American a load of you-know-what. >>

      Ughmm....would you believe me that I am just catching up to my mail now? I
      am indeed from Ukraine which can be called "Kiev region". However, the form
      you refer to was used as a highly informal greetoing (not slang, just
      informal) throughout. But it is not "Zdrast", it s "Zdraste", pronounced
      "ZDRAS-teh". I believe that, as it is often the case when I am trying to get
      someone to say a Russian word (such as my SCA name, for example), your
      students gave up when you produced something close. I noticed your greeting
      a while back and assumed that what it was, but decided not to bug you about
      it. Generally, though, you would only say "Zdraste" to people you know well
      and avoid saying it to elderly...unles they are your grandma and she lets

      Liudmila, trying to figure out what to read and what to trash...
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