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Re: [sig] Russian Heraldry

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  • Barbara
    In my research, I ve found that the Rus really didn t use heraldry, at least not in the Western sense. Paul Wickenden has a short page on what he s found
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 12, 2009
      In my research, I've found that the Rus really didn't use heraldry, at least
      not in the Western sense. Paul Wickenden has a short page on what he's
      found here: http://www.goldschp.net/archive/rusheraldry.html

      I've got arms passed, but I rarely use them. I use my badges more often,
      because they are simpler objects with no field (background color.) I've
      also designed a znak for myself. I didn't want to imply I was related to
      any of the Ruriks by copying one of theirs! ;-) I just used them for

      As Paul says on his page, they are not register-able, but they can certainly
      be used to identify you on your shield or banner.


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      > I've been working on my device.... and it hit me! I have little to no clue
      > about what Russichi use for their device. I realize it was probably more
      > along the lines of the kite shield (that is the primary place this design
      > will be going for me) I know there were dragon type creatures and what
      > not. But honestly i'm a bit lost.
      > The bets i though about is to look for inspiration at the Russian
      > manuscripts and their capital letters.
      > Help? What do those of you that have a registered device used?
      > thank you in advance for all the help.
      > Lada
      > Oooooh...
      > SHINY!
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