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Fwd: The St. Barbara Project (KASF 2009)

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  • Janin Wise
    Since this is open any SCA team or individual, not just Atlantians, I thought I d pass it along so as many artisans as possible have the opportunity to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2008
      Since this is open any SCA team or individual, not just Atlantians, I thought I'd pass it along so as many artisans as possible have the opportunity to participate. As it is in Russian Medieval Style, I am also passing it along the the sig group (:


      Cigan Oszinte

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      From: Ingeborg i Trondheim <ingeborg_sca@ yahoo.com>
      Date: Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 11:34 PM
      Subject: The St. Barbara Project (KASF 2009)
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      Cc: Editor The Oak of Atlantia <oak@atlantia. sca.org>

      The St. Barbara Project
      Deadline: March 7, 2009

      (Contest Rules)
      December 7, 2008
      Dear Artisans of the Kingdom of Atlantia,

      We have been offered the chance of a Medieval lifetime � Father John Vass representing Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church (Baltimore, MD) has requested that a contest be held to craft a holder in the Medieval style for two of their most sacred objects, both related to their patron saint, St. Barbara of the Tower. I have agreed to sponsor this contest and judging will take place at the 2009 Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival.

      The objects are her icon--a painting in the Russian Medieval style--which has a silver halo crowning her head, and her relic, a bone sliver, which is in a small closed silver box. The holder crafted by an SCA artisan must contain both these objects and will be lightweight, yet sturdy, as the set must be carried in religious processions several times per year and both must be visible to the congregation. A permanent (but cleanable) clear covering (glass or Plexiglas or some such material) will protect both elements from the weather (non-Medieval but practical for today's world). At other times, the holder with the icon and the relic will sit on a table in the nave of the church, to be always available to members of the congregation for contemplative veneration. The holder may be wood or metal or a combination of the two. (More than one artisan may combine skills to craft this object.)

      The holder will be in a style within our time period although the martyr's story takes place much earlier. Now who was Saint Barbara? You can find her (sometimes contradictory) stories on the Internet. To greatly shorten the Medieval tale (as told in Father John's letter) of the martyr become a saint, she lived in Syria during the reign of Rome's Emperor Maximiam (305-311 AD). She was a beautiful daughter in a rich pagan family. To protect her, her father had her live in a tower. She looked out the windows at the beautiful world and began to think of the creator of all the beauty. Her father let her meet girlfriends; she met a priest and secretly was baptized a Christian. The father directed workmen to build a luxurious marble bathhouse and to place two windows up high on the south side, then left on a trip. Barbara directed the men to add a third window, to form a Trinity of light. The father came back; Barbara admitted why she wanted the
      third window; the father tortured her and finally beheaded her since he could not make her renounce her Christianity. Many miracles occurred with the bath water and while Barbara was in durance vile. In Wikipedia, I learned her symbols are many and many are those for whom she is a patron, but especially is she connected to towers, which includes masons who build them and artillerymen whose cannons knock them down.
      Father John, our church contact and a religious art historian, has provided photographs of the two objects and of the inside of the church to show its style. The holder needs to fit in with the other religious objects.

      Website with the photos and Father John's letter: http://www.kasf2009 .com/stbarbara/.
      My email: Ingeborg_sca@ yahoo.com (if you prefer, I will email the letter and photos to you).

      * Any SCA team or individual is welcome to enter this contest; non-Atlantians are welcome.
      * Teams (such as woodworkers and metalworkers) and individuals are invited to submit as a concept (on paper only) their plan for building a St. Barbara Medieval Russian Reliquary to hold both icon and silver relic box. The concept will include detailed drawings, examples of past projects to show the skill of the artisan or artisans (photographs are acceptable), and a date for completion of the reliquary. Documentation for period and style is required. (Non-winning concept packages will be returned if an envelope/box with return postage is included.)
      * The reliquary must meet all specifications noted in Father John's letter.
      --Here is my fast, incomplete summary: The reliquary is in the Medieval style, with the exception of the protective "glass" cover over the 2 religious objects. It holds both the icon (painting) which measures in inches (16 1/2 H x 13 15/16 W x 1 1/2 D, plus silver halo 1/2" H) and the silver relic box (2 1/2 W x 1 7/8 H x 1/2 D); fits at a slant on the church display table (30 W x 29 D), and is both light and strong enough to be carried and seen in processions.
      * Anyone who cannot attend the Kingdom of Atlantia's Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival in person must supply a phone number at which he or she can be reached by cell phone during the day.
      * Father John of Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church will choose the winning concept and be available for direct consultation with the winning team or individual.
      * The reliquary created will be freely given to the church. The church will provide the winning artist or artists in a team with a letter (suitable proof for a tax donation) attesting to the artist(s) having crafted an object that will be used in their church on a daily basis, just as was done in Medieval times by our ancestors.
      * Deadline for the completed CONCEPT on paper: March 7, 2009, Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival for Atlantia (the first Saturday in March) at the Ag Center in Westminster, Maryland. (If necessary, contact me to arrange shipping to me for the event. I will return concept packages that do not win if you provide a self-addressed container and return postage.)
      Artists of the SCA -- Here is your chance for a little bit of immortality:

      "...the beautiful icons that adorn our church and the many ones on display during the festival represent for us not art, but "windows to heaven." They invite us in to stand in the presence of God and be touched by His Grace" -- Fr. John Vass, Pastor [bulletin for the 2008 Russian Festival]

      Please pass this letter on to SCA artisans you know that would find this of interest.

      Yours in Service,

      Lady Ingeborg i Trondheim
      Sponsor: St. Barbara Project
      The Barony of Bright Hills
      Kingdomof Atlantia
      Email: ingeborg_sca@ yahoo.com

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