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Another name question

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  • Rachel Sampsel
    3b. Re: Another question about names Posted by: gigglesheep dogspell@gmail.com gigglesheep Date: Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:26 am ((PST)) How long did it take you to
    Message 1 of 12 , Nov 11, 2008
      3b. Re: Another question about names
      Posted by: "gigglesheep" dogspell@... gigglesheep
      Date: Mon Nov 10, 2008 7:26 am ((PST))

      How long did it take you to finalize the name?
      Personally I don't want to waste time arguing with them, especially
      since it is not the actual name, but a placename that could have been
      possible back then. And Sofia had a valid point that both first and
      last names should be spelled the same.
      Thanks, Tatiana


      My name of Raisa Zaplatskaya passed in the same amount of time that any
      other name passes (roughly 9 months to a year). My choice of
      “Zaplatskaya” was a descriptive byname – the closest I could come to the
      English word “Patches” (it’s a long story, just go with it). After the
      curator confirmed “yea verily, we have the word “zaplata” in a book
      documenting words found in period documents,” Paul Wickenden was kind
      enough to help me figure out a conjugation, since “Zaplatnitsa” is in
      current dictionaries, but the word has no documentation prior to the
      1800’s, I believe.

      I ran across the argument regarding the validity of email traffic with a
      curator while I was nosing around trying to find where my submission was
      in the process a few months after it left my local herald's hands. It
      wasn't the spelling that anyone harped on, it was solely the email traffic
      from a curator. I wouldn't have spazzed over an "i" vs. "y" and if a
      herald thinks that’s more accurate, they’re more than likely to spell that
      out on their review notes and approve it with a minor change like that.
      But no one cared about that aspect. I guess my submission ran across the
      desk of someone more...shall we say...particular about what he/she felt to
      be adequate documentation as opposed to what another herald thought. But
      it moved past their desk and the next higher authority pondered it and
      said it’s fine. It’s a common issue that crops up everywhere in the SCA.

      The submission passes over several desks and some folks are more fussy
      about certain details than others. You might find that your herald and
      everyone on the SIG group thinks your documentation is fine, but someone
      higher up on heraldry the food chain may not. And then an even bigger fish
      or community of fishes say "no, no, that's fine" or “dear lord, what is
      this person thinking?” It's impossible to know what will and won't be
      accepted from one month to the next, since the seats for reviewing
      submissions change so frequently.

      The best you can do is gather copies of all your documentation, write up
      an explanation for why the name should be just so and make certain that
      your supporting documentation is easily referenced by someone else when
      reviewing your argument – just like a mini research paper. They either
      will or won't accept it. Just be open to the possibility that things may
      have to be changed.

      I know how attached one can become to a name before it gets passed - you
      start building your persona and back story around it, you get used to
      responding to it at events, friends call you by that name outside the SCA
      because they don't know your real name, but let's face it: It's not like
      you're naming your child, although it may feel like it. But in the grand
      scheme of things not getting your desired name for an SCA persona is far
      less damaging than your kid wanting to kill you for legally naming them

      At the end of the day, it’s still just a game. How hard you play is
      entirely up to you.

      And yes, I have been criticized for that opinion before.

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