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Re: [sig] Polish Drinking Games/Customs/Vessels

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  • Pan Zygmunt Nadratowski
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 15, 2008
      <<Beyond just 'Drinking Games', what customs (e.g. - always down your
      drink in one shot, never leave an empty bottle on the table, etc) are
      found in period?>>
      I'm at work, so I don't havce access to all my source material, but...

      I know that, most of the time, men and women sat at separate tables. If a
      table was co-ed, the women were not served alcohol. Quite often a common cup
      was passed as a toast, and if it was, women were expected to only touch
      their goblet to their lips and not actually drink.

      Men were not *supposed* to get publicly drunk, as it was considered bad
      manners, but this was obeyed about as much as you might think.

      One way to express displeasure at your hosts hospitality was to cut or rip
      the tablecloth, and then leave the table.

      I think there was something about toasting, but I'm coming up blank right
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