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RE: [sig] 16th Century Novgorod Female Persona

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  • L.M. Kies
    Greetings from Sofya! ... I focus on appanage period Rus, but I know a little about Kievan and Muscovite period, so maybe I can help. ... Rabinovich has a huge
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 9, 2008
      Greetings from Sofya!

      >I have decided to go with an early to mid 16th century female
      >merchant woman, living in Novgorod.

      I focus on appanage period Rus, but I know a little about Kievan and Muscovite period, so maybe I can help.

      >I would like to find some patterns or images of what was worn in the
      >time period. Ideas on fabrics and patterns that would be used.

      Rabinovich has a huge chapter on 13th-17th century clothing that I've translated here in two parts:

      If that's a little overwhelming, I've extracted some fabric info here:
      While the notes focus on "Early Rus" the fabrics and furs discussed there were still used in the 16th century.

      I don't have a lot of images of late period women on-line. What I have is here:
      I can send a few more as attachments privately.

      >I started making a Sarafan but I'm not liking the way it is going.
      >I still might be able to turn it into a Letnik if I can find some
      >pattern help. Both of these may be too early.

      Both the sarafan and the letnik are perfectly appropriate for a 16th century Novgorod woman. Some of the images I plan to send you have patterns for the sarafan and dushegreya. The letnik is a glorified T-tunic.

      >I've made a pattern for a kokoshnik ... mostly pearls but with a scattering of stones such as jade,
      >ruby, and amethyst.

      A scattering of precious stones among the pearls are appropriate.

      >I also need a good pattern for a povojnik. I've tried a couple of
      >times and nothing I have made looks or feels right when I put it on.

      I have three different povoinik patterns here:

      At your service,

      Lisa M. Kies, MD aka Lady Sofya la Rus, OW, OLM, uchenitsa Kramolnikova
      Mason City, IA aka Shire of Heraldshill, Calontir
      "Si no necare, sana." "Mir znachit Pax Romanov"

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