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RE: [sig] Russian songs

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  • L.M. Kies
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      >------- Original Message -------
      >Just a quick question, I wish to sing a song for the next Baronial
      >Championship in 6 months, does anyone know any good Russian songs,
      >where to find the music so I can learn, and of course the words? I
      >would love to be able to sing it, then tell them what it meant.


      http://www.kaikracht.de/balalaika/english/songs/ (has a few mistakes in the translations and transliterations)

      As has already been pointed out, we have essentially no secular songs from period. The texts of a handful of songs were recorded by English ambassador Richard James from 1619-20. But there are clues to help find songs that are _plausibly_ period. Avoid songs with an obviously post-period author/composer (Pushkin has some lovely songs out there). Be suspicious of songs that rhyme like Western nursery rhymes. Be careful of songs with possibly post-period subjects - Peter the Great, troikas, Cossacks, street lamps, etc. Keep your fingers crossed. ;-)


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