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  • Sfandra
    I would SO attend both the Kievan History class and the Kievan Daily life class! I wasn t at SLUM, so I ve only been able to read the handouts online.... My
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 20, 2008
      I would SO attend both the Kievan History class and
      the Kievan Daily life class! I wasn't at SLUM, so
      I've only been able to read the handouts online....

      My main concern would be scheduling overlap. Does
      everyone know Michael of Safia? I hate to miss his
      archeology class, his handouts are wonderful! Last
      year I had to bolt from a great Ukrainian Embroidery
      class over to catch the end of Michael's class so I
      could pick up a handout.... and I ended up picking the
      buckle for my formal apprentice belt from Raymond's
      Quiet Press based on a picture in Michael's handout!!

      So my main concern would be, trying to make sure that
      not too many of the Slavic Interest classes overlap.
      I'm pretty sure this year's pennsic is a midrealm-run
      year. Is there anyone who might be willing to step
      up and see if they can work with the Pennsic U folks
      to try an coordinate classes so they don't overlap too
      much? Trying to coordinate tracks by culture might be
      easier than by all SIG interests: call me biased, but
      I'll hit a russian class before a polish one... (sorry
      Pan Zygmunt! :D )

      And if we can't coordinate that this year, then when
      it's an Eastern war next year, I'll do it.


      --- Marilyn Kinyon <mamalynx@...> wrote:

      > I was mulling over what I am going to teach.
      > I had thought to do something on the Polish medieval
      > Island fortress
      > of Lednieki. I have some interesting material on the
      > finds there.
      > And a Kievan History class that would deal a bit
      > more with who held
      > what land when. I would bring more large maps like I
      > had at University
      > showing the different time periods and talking about
      > how the countries
      > and tribes moved over time and why.
      > I don't know if more folk would be interested in
      > seeing me give the
      > Kievan daily life class again also? I'm thinking of
      > redoing it so
      > folks who couldn't make it to University could catch
      > it at Pennsic?
      > Lady Marija

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