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Re: Dragelji

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  • toirdhealbhach_gille_mhuire
    Greetings Susanna First off the pronunciation of my name. It is Scotish Celtic in origin thus the great jumble of letters that really dont need to be there.
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      Greetings Susanna

      First off the pronunciation of my name. It is Scotish Celtic in
      origin thus the great jumble of letters that really dont need to be
      there. Pronunciation depends on the time period you look it up in.
      Since I choose early 14th century Scotland for my persona I pronounce
      it TUR-yal-vich, with the ch on the end being much like the soft ch
      in the scottish loch or the german bach. A more common, and later
      period, pronunciation is CHAR-loch. Hope that helps you to wrap you
      mind around all those letters. You should see the look on people
      faces when they ask me my name at an event and I give them the full
      name! Lord Toirdhealbhach Mor mac Gille Mhuire. TUR-yal-vich more
      mack hill vur is how all that is pronounced.

      Now then, THANK YOU for the help you are offering on the Dragelji
      thing, and my Wife LOVES Jelena! Two years ago we were only able to
      get a hand drawn location of the village from a man who had been
      there. Two days ago I found it on Google Maps. It is located just
      north and west of the city Boca Luca(sp? going off memory here). I
      hope that can help you a little. I found a Boca Lucia on a map of
      Bosnia from the 1300's and I assume that is the same city, but there
      was no mention of Dragelji anywhere. If you have any other questions
      please feel free to ask.

      In Service
      --- In sig@yahoogroups.com, "Suzanne" <sovagris@...> wrote:
      > Toirdhealbhach [how *do* you pronounce that?],
      > I can't help yet but I'll keep trying. This is the sort of
      challenge I enjoy. :-) I've looked
      > quickly through several Bosnian histories [in English] and some old
      Communist-era travel
      > books and haven't found any mention of those places or variations
      on the spellings of
      > those places. But I admit that it's been an unscientific sort of
      search! My atlas is too small
      > to help, so I'll have to go to the map room at the university to
      find anything detailed
      > enough... and that probably won't happen for a couple of weeks. In
      the meantime, I hope
      > someone else will have some information for you.
      > Has your wife chosen a time for her persona? I found just a few
      women's names, but one
      > of them was a queen of Bosnia for a few years at the very end of
      the 14th century: Helen,
      > also called Gruba. The South Slavic variant of Helen is Jelena
      (pronounced Yell-en-a with a
      > slight emphasis on the first syllable) and it's a common name in
      the area even today.
      > YIS,
      > Susanna
      > --- In sig@yahoogroups.com, "toirdhealbhach_gille_mhuire"
      <chuckgilmour@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello all.
      > >
      > > I am brand new here so if this topic has been discussed I
      > > My Wife is looking to change her SCA Persona to...I think it
      would be
      > > Serb. Her RL Grandmother was from a small village in Bosnia
      > > Dragelji or maybe another village named Brezovec. Anyway my Wife
      > > to use a Bosnian or Serb name follow with "of Dragelji". Wifes
      > > Grandmother was named Angel Dragelj so a few research think she
      > > either from Dragelji or her ancestors were. My question is, for
      > > who may know the area much better than I, how old is this
      village? Is
      > > it a pre 1600 place name? Any help, even to say that it is not a
      > > medieval village, would be helpful.
      > >
      > > Thank you very much
      > > Toirdhealbhach
      > >
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