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    Dear Martin, I have met many Ukies with a need to really discover their roots. Being first generation Scottish with Ukrainian parents I can fully
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      Dear Martin,

      I have met many "Ukies" with a need to really discover their roots. Being first generation Scottish with Ukrainian parents I can fully understand the drive to seek out similar minded people.All I can say is that I found the road to discovery well worth the pain. I have just returned from Ukraine after buying a house over there and the village and villagers could not have been more helpful. I found so many people just like me! Although they had nothing I returned with gifts galore and they even helped me plant my field full of plants for the summer. I wish you well and if I can help just ask.


      Marian Jasper <stellagrace75@...> wrote:
      Greetings all!
      I've been lurking on this list for quite some time and the prospect
      of a Slavic U has pulled me right out of lurkdom LOL so I thought I
      would introduce myself.

      I do not have a Slavic persona, my persona is loosely late period
      English but I enjoy exploring many times and cultures. I am
      especially interested in Slavic because I was raised in a fairly
      ethnic Ukrainian home - both of my parents being Ukrainian, first
      generation born in the US. It's funny how when you are young you take
      a lot of this for granted and actually try to get away from it and
      later in life you regret not paying more attention. We were very
      church oriented - Eastern Orthodox, the church being the center of
      much of our social life - Ukrainian School on Saturdays, Ukrainian
      Dance on Wednesday nights. Growing up where and when I did however
      wasn't necessarily conducive to wanting the ethnic part of your life
      to be as prominent. Having a "funny last name" and a religion that
      most people never heard of (we didn't live in the same town where our
      church was located) wasn't easy sometimes. My cousins and friends
      that grew up closer geographically to the church in a more
      traditionally ethnic community had a slightly easier time of it.

      I would love to get back to my "roots." Over my life time I have
      read as much as I can get my hands on about Ukrainian and Russian
      history and culture and since I have been in the SCA (a newbie of
      about 2 years) I have been thrilled to find that there is an interest
      and it seems to be ever growing from what I can see.

      For the last 12 years or so I have also been very involved in my
      son's Jr Tamburitzan group - I don't know how many of you are
      familiar with that type of thing. It's a music, dance and cultural
      group that performs mainly Eastern European Slavic music and dance.
      While many of the groups are rooted in mainly Serbian or Croatian
      culture they do a lot of music and dance from Russian, Ukrainian and
      other Slavic cultures. Duquesne University in Pittsburgh sponsors
      perhaps the best known "Tammie" group and its a goal lots of our Jr.
      group kids aspire to. I've done tons of their costuming over the
      years and it's kept my Slavic interest peaked and I have learned a
      lot and I want to learn a lot more.

      I would love to see some Slavic themed events - I know there are some
      of us in the local group here that are interested and we are thinking
      about getting something going here. I am hoping to be able to attend
      Slavic U, and since I am not very far from the Middle it's very
      likely possibility.

      Thanks to all of you for having this group and I hope to have the
      time to be more of an active participant as time goes on.

      Lady Marian of Steltonwald
      Canton of Steltonwald of the Barony-Marche of Debatable Lands, in the
      Sylvan Kingdom of Aethelmearc


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