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  • Mir Plemmons
    Wow, y all were *busy* yesterday!! remember, for Interkingdom it s not nearly as much about what particular location, it s about where it s less expensive to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2006
      Wow, y'all were *busy* yesterday!!

      remember, for Interkingdom it's not nearly as much about what
      particular location, it's about where it's less expensive to fly in
      to - usually means somebody's hub airport in my experience, but you
      can test flights from "SIG hubs" to airplane hubs - Seattle or
      Portland to wherever, for instance, for the An Tirian Slavic folks.

      My impression has been that there are more of you on the East side,
      and for the rest of it we're scattered. I have no idea if that's
      valid; but if it is than your current speculations make a fair amount
      of sense. Chicago's a hub as is Minneapolis-St Paul.

      On teaching, I'm really unconvinced I want to come up w/ a class I
      would bring in a field of Laurels but I do have a bunch of handouts
      from a class I took from D. Waugh that has quite interesting stuff on
      early trade routes as *proven* by dirham hoards.

      For a Slavic U, I would do my level best to scrape the money for us
      to fly out and participate... the "level best" of someone in social
      service is notably little, but an opportunity like this is huge - and
      by not adding all the complication of Pennsic to it sounds much more
      "doable" to me. ....*hope*...

      dva grivni, weigh on your own scales
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