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Re: RE : Re: [sig] Pennsic 36 Inter-Kingdom Slavic / Eastern European Studies University in 2007 ?!

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  • Sfandra
    ... Even better! *thinking of latkes and pierogies at Cousin Barbara s house in Cleveland...* I d love to jump into this, but i ve got 2 things working against
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      --- Tim Nalley <mordakus@...> wrote:

      > Northern Ohio has quite a Slavic community. Maybe
      > that's a possibiliy?
      > 'dok

      Even better! *thinking of latkes and pierogies at
      Cousin Barbara's house in Cleveland...*

      I'd love to jump into this, but i've got 2 things
      working against me: 1) I'm already involved in
      Kingdom Level work (Royal Clothier - the Sewing Has
      Begun), and 2) Boston does not make for a good IK
      site! :D Sure, a couple of years ago the KW Dance
      Symposium was here, but for a IK collegium event like
      we're kicking around here, a much more centrally
      located site, like in Ohio or maybe Missouri would
      probably do better.

      Anyway, if we really get rolling - Count Me In. I can
      do classes on Kievan costuming (male and female), care
      & feeding of natural fibers, hat construction, gerdany
      (ukrainian beadweaving), and Kievan period history
      (political and economical).

      Random Thought: What about the branch in LasVegas?
      Any SIGers there? Pretty much every airline offers
      cheap flights to Vegas from pretty much everywhere.

      Pomestnitsa Sfandra Dmitrieva iz Chernigova
      Royal Clothier to TRH Lucan and Yana Von Drachenklaue
      Kingdom of the East
      Never 'pearl' your butt.

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