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RE : Re: [sig] Russian garb on Ebay

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  • L.M. Kies
    ... I actually tried to draw the back of the kokoshnik on my webpage, but I utterly failed to do it justice (it s under Nizhny Novgorod).  It s easier to
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      >I am talking about the back of the muffin-like eBay hat.
      >It is not muffin-like on the back..or it shouldn't be. I now looked again,
      >and I think it's off a bit. The burgundy kokoshnik on my website is modeled on
      >one of the Peasant Art hats, but that picture is the front. I know what the
      >back looks like, and mine did look like that when flat...it's making it
      >actually have the right shape when assembled that was the problem.

      I actually tried to draw the back of the kokoshnik on my webpage, but I utterly failed to do it justice (it's under Nizhny Novgorod).  It's easier to make out in the original photo, although the exact construction details are not clear there either.

      It looks perfectly flat across the main decorated area, where the stylized double-headed eagle is, and I suspect it is stiffened like the front.  Then it is shaped to cup under the base of the skull, again, apparently stiffened somehow. 

      I have not yet gotten around to cutting out the back pieces yet to verify this theory, but it looks fairly straightforward.  I'm going to bend the front piece just the way it would be when I wear it, making sure it clears the back of my head (so the back will be flat), and trace around it on my base material (leather/birchbark/plastic canvas) to make the back piece. 

      Actually, you might not need a stiffener in the back, since the front piece ought to hold the back fabric flat.  That might be a consideration if weight-balance becomes an issue.  (Too front heavy vs. back heavy makes it hard to keep such a tall headdress on.)

      Hmmm.  I getting in the mood to finish a hat...

      Anyway, I hope this make some sense.


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