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RE : Re: [sig] OT - Looking for Russian Name Herald

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  • L.M. Kies
      ... My  Cliff Notes version of Paul s information is at: http://www.strangelove.net/~kieser/Russia/names.html Don t limit yourselves to the
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      >> My husband is a Herald for our local Canton, and we have a lady who
      >> wants a Russian name.
      >I replied to her, but figured that everybody else wouldn't mind the
      >info, too. Well, except for that Thanet kid, but he's a special case.
      >(Paul wrote the definitive work that heralds use for Russian names.
      > That's the online version.)

      My "Cliff Notes" version of Paul's information is at:


      Don't limit yourselves to the Library of Congress transliteration system that Paul uses, but document when you stray from it.  (In case commenting heralds have forgotten the details of dealing with Russian.)


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