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Re: religion in the SCA (was Re: kvas revisited)

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  • Castalia
    Greetings. ... the SCA. ... My persona is Orthodox and deeply so. I wasn t concerened about the superficial level, but the deeper levels. I apologise that I
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 2, 1999

      >>I will not comment on religion on a list because it is not appropriate to
      the SCA.
      >Pardon me?!? You mean to tell me that understanding, even on the most
      >superficial level, the differences between modern Christianity and the
      >religions that our personas were living is *not* SCA related??

      My persona is Orthodox and deeply so. I wasn't concerened about the
      superficial level, but the deeper levels. I apologise that I find it
      difficult to disuss religion on a superficial level.

      >You had better rethink that position. It's like saying that a person
      >with an Oriental persona shouldn't know anything about the Tao, or
      >Buddha or Shinto (depending on the country and era).

      I don't believe I said that a person shouldn't know about the religions of
      their period culture. I'm just saying that I gave my superficial comments
      already, and prefer to take the more substantial ones off list. Including
      my joyous religious experiences inside the Kremlin Churches, or at Sergiev

      Or the senses of wonder and mystery at the Church sacred to the Russian Navy
      in Petersburg.

      Would you say
      >that a Crusader persona shouldn't know anything about the Church s/he
      >is Crusading for, since it's not SCA appropriate?

      History is excellent. I suppose that I felt less like commenting on Pagan
      history on the list.

      >Icons are not a part of my daily life. Neither is Daily Mass, or
      >Buddhist meditation. That doesn't mean that I should just ignore them
      >even if it is persona appropriate.

      I have icons in my home. They are treasures to me, and spiritually
      significant. I'd just prefer to comment off list unless it's relevant.
      Perhaps I misjudged what is relevant, because I only going on past years of
      SCA experience.

      >>However, I do *love* the Kremlin. But I got iconed to death in Moscow and
      >>after a while couldn't take it anymore.
      >OK, I see... you feel uncomfortable with it. Therefore it's

      In Leningrad, I went to a number of churches and saw perhaps two hundred
      Icons. then I went to Moscow. I went to the New Church downtown that was
      once a swimming pool. Old Church, new Church and modern icons. I went to
      the Kremlin and saw hundreds and hundred of icons. We went to Sergiev Posad
      and in 35 degree centegrade saw very many old church icons.

      My sig oth. turned to me and said: tomorrow we will go to ******* he said
      "There are many icons there." I said, please, no more icons. Not this

      >/sarcasm on
      >But ooooh....Pagans...now there's something *interesting*.
      >/sarcasm off

      I answered direct questions. And suggested I take it off-list. Twas not
      meant to offend you or others.

      >Never mind that Orthodox Christianity has enough real history to
      >fascinate a person for years;

      History is good.

      never mind that the differences between
      >orthodox Christianity and modern christianity are deep (perhaps not
      >very wide, but still go back century upon century); never mind that
      >all we have on russian paganism is folk tales and speculation.

      Was this still directed at me? Or others.

      I'd certainly be very interesting in your knowledge about the differences
      between old church and new church of Russian Othodox, either on list or off.

      Respectfully yours,
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